Englandfahrt 2015 - diaries

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London Diary (28/06/2015)
During our travel to the UK we went to London for one day. It was a great day because we saw all the famous sights.
First we made a bus tour around the city where we saw every sight of London, including Tower Bridge and Big Ben.

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After we had finished our tour we had some free time where we were able to explore the city in groups up to 5 persons by ourselves. The first two hours it rained terribly so we had to spend our time in some shops, where I bought Kingsman, a film which isn't available in Germany yet. Later, when the rain had stopped, we walked along the route which had been suggested by our teachers.
On this route we saw the sights again and I took some very nice photos.
Big Ben is a great object to photograph. I was very lucky. The hazy sky and the contrails (=Kondensstreifen) add to the great atmosphere of this exciting sight.
But we were not only at Big Ben and co. We finished our tour very early, so we had a break under a bridge near our meeting point. Such a bridge looks breathtaking if you are standing under it so I shot an outstanding very abstract-looking photo.
After relaxing in the cool shade of the bridge, we had so much time left until the bus would come to take us home, that we walked a little bit down the River Thames off the tourist ways. We got some great impressions there.

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After we had come back to our meeting point I had just enough time to go to the dirtiest toilet I had ever seen before. (Johannes, 9a)

London Diary (28/06/2015)
On Sunday we went to London. We had to drive for over 3 hours and all the pupils were very excited. When we arrived, the bus drove through the city, so we could see all the sights and the streets of London. Jeff told us a lot of interesting facts about the things we saw. At first the bus drove along Oxford Street to Piccadilly Curcus.
After that we saw Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. Than we drove along the Thames and over the Tower Bridge. After we had seen the city from the inside of the bus we could walk through London for 3 hours. Our group walked a lot and so we could see what we wanted to. On the way to the bus we went shopping and visited the same things we had seen from the bus. It was a long but very interesting and funny trip.

Diary of our arrival at Bournemouth (24/06/2015)
The sun was shining in my head while we passed the road sign of Bournemouth .
After a short tour around the town our bus parked at Bournemouth beach. After we had walked to the beach, we enjoyed the sun, the blue sky and the cold water of the ocean but before we could go to the beach or visit the city centre of Bournemouth the teachers told us important rules about behaving in English cities. After 10 minutes, the introduction was finished so most pupils went straight to the beach. From the beach you can see Bournemouth Pier and a rollercoaster which looked like the Santa Monica Pier in California. Some jellyfish was glittering in the water while we were sitting on the sand and were enjoying the great view. Sometimes a man who was looking for gold passed by and seagulls were flying over our heads. At 5 pm it was time to return to the bus and meet our host families.
(Luca, 9a)